colonel roy academy
navy aa-ssr


Rough seas can scare many people but not the personnel of Indian Navy. The navy secures the 7500 km coastline and hundreds of Islands against any external aggression or calamity. To be one of those sentinels of ocean the Indian Navy sailor via Artificial Apprentices (AA) and senior secondary recruit (SSR) entries provide best opportunities. After clearing these exams the candidates are choosen for various trades ranging from air wing to submarine.

The focus areas of development while studying in the Col. Roy Defence Academy:-

  • General where we keep students at the level of exam and consider students as one entity.
  • Individual – this area of focus is to deal with individual problems/struggle which a student faces and to provide specified solutions. Hence both the areas of focus are taken care of. General area deals with the requirement of the exam and individual deals with the requirement of a particular student

Col. Roy Defence Academy is the best Coaching Institute for Navy preparation.

  • Teachers work on psychology of teen age children and their behaviour pattern.
  • Along with subjective knowledge for written exam, different aspects of personality developments are also nurtured for SSB.
  • Mentors focus on Mind+ Body (Holistic) approach.
  • Mentors are experts on handling problems of juveniles from various backgrounds.

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